Portfolio Management

Grow, Evolve, Improve.

We work with you individually to understand your investment needs and determine an investment strategy that will achieve your goals, while staying true to your values. It starts by being personal in getting to know you, then a comprehensive analysis of your portfolio, making some portfolio recommendations, developing a personalized investment strategy, implementing that strategy, and through our ongoing relationship your investment portfolio and strategy will grow and evolve with you.

ShariaPortfolio GlobalWealth upholds Sharia, ethical standards in their Investment choices with customized portfolios constructed using Sharia-compliant North American stocks, global sukuks and Sharia-compliant global REITs. Our investment philosophy has roots in value investing and fundamental analysis. SP GlobalWealth offers a long-term perspective and a highly disciplined approach to wealth management.

Our investment choices are Sharia-compliant, or halal, which means they are permissible under Islamic guidelines. SP GlobalWealth manages its portfolios in accordance with the Sharia principles as determined by the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI). To be Sharia-compliant per AAOIFI standards, companies and investments must pass several screens for permissible business activities, sources of income, debt threshold and cash levels. Stocks, Sukuks and ETFs are considered permissible, but preferred shares and interest-paying securities are not.

Given our suite of investment options, we are able to serve both passive and active investors. For more information about our investment options click here.

Why Choose ShariaPortfolio GlobalWealth


Personalized Approach

Each investor is unique and deserves the right level of attention.  Let us get a better understanding of your goals to then create a personalized plan in order to help you achieve your financial objectives.


Investing Aligned With Your Values

ShariaPortfolio GlobalWealth offers wealth management solutions that are aligned with your values allowing you to reach your financial goals in a Sharia-compliant manner.


In-Depth Expertise & Experience

Our experienced team of advisors are ready to help clients in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and other jurisdictions where the firm is able to advise with their short-term and long-term goal.

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